Thursday, July 17, 2008

My current pride and joy

I am SO excited that my garden is actually growing - I had to take pictures to post here. I got a late start when I found out our town house complex had a place we could plant a small garden, and then the weeds took over while I was in ID. BUT - I've been working hard all week to weed and get it back in shape and I think there is hope that I might actually get some vegetables from it this summer. I planted, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, carrots, onions, peppers, honeydew melon, beans and TOMATOES! So, many tomatoes I may have to have my own farmer's market! I just wanted to try a few of every kind and have enough for salsa and spaghetti sauce etc.... I think the 12 plants I have ought to be plenty! I have been mocked about it - people saying 1 plant alone would have been plenty for just me. Oh well - I'm sure I can find many people willing to help me eat them!

The pictures I'm attaching are a few shots for you to see the progress so far. I have one squash plant that I didn't plant, that just started sprouting right in the middle of one of my rows..... no idea what kind of squash it is - but it's doing alot better than my plants..... so I added a picture of it. I also had to take a picture for you to see the garden next door. The gal's dad owns the Highland nursery - and their garden is beautiful. It's a bit intimidating to be right next to them. Although - it's fun when people have come to visit and see my place to pretend their garden is mine when showing it off...... = ) It fools people temporarily at least.

Darling Girls

I went to visit Beck and kids the other day - just after the girls all got their hair cut by Melissa, their nice neighbor. They all looked so cute. I even got in on the deal and she trimmed mine while I was there as well. I had to post these cute pictures of them. Auriana hadn't gotten hers cut yet at this point - neither had Beck, so I don't have pictures here of them.


So hard to believe it's been 20 years - really! I drove up to Rexburg Saturday morning to be able to get to Porter Park in time to still find some of my classmates and their families there. It was so much fun to walk into the group and be greeted by so many familiar faces. I have to say I was surprised that they were ALL so familiar! No one looked much different at all to me - it was so much fun to see people like Robin Erickson and Ronette Woodskow, who I don't think I've seen since graduation..... at least Rick's College graduation. I especially loved getting to see everyone's kids. It had been fun over the last month or so to get to see pictures everyone had posted to the group website.

I enjoyed the day and it was so much fun to have more time to chat with more fun friends that night. I am so impressed with everyone and what they have accomplished in the last twenty years and the great families they are raising.

About Me

I am excited to have my own blog and be able to record fun and memorable things here to share..... I am currently working at a new job as of September of last year - I am the Ticket Office Manager for the Events Department at Thanksgiving Point. I was ready to just have a fun, low stress job and it has been just that. I love going to work every day and being able to serve and interact with the public. I love all that Thanksgiving Point has to offer and enjoy being a part of it. I just moved into a new town home in March and have really been enjoying the area and the new ward I am in. I just got called to be the Enrichment Counselor in the Relief Society, which will keep me plenty busy I'm sure. I love to spend time with my family, my neices and nephews are so entertaining and I never get tired of playing with and spending time with them.